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Successful companies know how to reduce the growing complexity of products and processes in a targeted manner using variant management. It is the control of the variant diversity that makes it possible to serve the market optimally with modularized solutions. Configurable products have long been the key to success, surpassing individually developed variants. However, the majority of companies find it challenging to map the variant management in an efficient way when it comes to data. With ⁴PEP Product Definition, Variant and Structure Management, we offer an approach for a smart variant management that serves as a basis for sustainable business success.

Best Practices in Variant Management

  • optimization of variant diversity and creation of a balance between inner and outer variance,
  • separation into different worlds and areas of responsibility (e.g., production and sales),
  • use of a mathematically described and therefore analyzable variant model,
  • reliable mapping of changes made to variants using versions and validity periods,
  • decoupling of the variant modeling from SAP master data and automatic creation of master data at the right time.

Your Benefit

  • enriched Fiori User Experience for model engineers and product managers
  • the simplest way to maintain and visualize
    SAP-VC-rules for both, high-level and low-level configuration
  • seamless embedded into S/4HANA and SAP ERP
  • based on SAP standard objects and on well-founded methodology VarLogic®
  • control on variants throughout their entire
    life cycle
  • savings potential of 30-50 per cent by improving data quality and by saving time

⁴PEP Product Definition, Variant and Structure Management allows you to define the variants of a product that is to be developed along with the structure of the product in a simple and quick way. This web-based solution in the modern SAP Fiori® technology offers you transparency, flexibility and data safety while being closely integrated into SAP standard processes.

Maintenance of the Combinatorics

A product is described by mapping its properties in the form of characteristics. In the early phase, it is not necessary to have SAP classes or SAP characteristics. Allowed product variants are defined using a rules set that displays the combinatorics between the characteristic values. The processing is then done in an easily comprehensible matrix display and with a configurator that evaluates the set of rules, followed by a characteristic value assignment and an automatic compilation of the desired variants.

Product Structure

The product structure separates the product or system into its physical elements like assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts. It displays the maximum structure of the product. In the early phase, it is possible to model the product without SAP master data. The product structure keeps the connection to the variants or the characteristics, which means that closed as well as open variant concepts are supported:

  • The maximum structure with variants can be used to derive individual (manufacturing) BOMs by assigning assemblies to variants.
  • The direct connection of specific characteristic values with the elements of the product structure makes it possible to generate selection conditions that can be applied to a rule-based variants BOM.
    Objects dependencies that are needed in the SAP variant configuration are created automatically without any manual programming.

Smart Click for High-Level Configuration

  • each click creates VC dependencies in SAP automatically
  • create relations between characteristics in graphical-matrix format
  • easy to read visualization of rules

Smart Click for Low-Level Configuration

  • each click creates VC dependencies in SAP automatically
  • create selection conditions in your 150% BOM and routing
  • easy to read visualization of rules

Smart Connect for Multi-Level Configuration

  • each line creates VC dependencies in SAP automatically
  • inherit characteristics values graphically from configurable header to configurable item level by drawing lines
  • easy to read visualization of rules

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