With 4PEP, ILC offers a proven PLM software suite for the holistic and interdisciplinary support of product development processes. The modular solutions for the different sub-processes of product development are seamlessly integrated and lead your product development into a new dimension: efficient, transparent and flexible!

Years of project experience are brought together in our Reference Solution. We do not come to you empty handed, but put forward a specific best practice approach. It presents reference requests, processes and data models in a clear overview, so that we can discuss them together with you. This way, you do not only gain time to move ahead with your project, you can also be certain that the basis of our joint work is a tried-and-tested approach that can be customized to include your specific requirements. This method is supported further by our 4PEP Reference System: The scope of our best practice approach is already mapped out in the system and is specified accordingly. Customizing as well as features, functions and processes are available to you immediately. In addition to that, our reference test cases guarantee optimal quality assurance of the system.