Master Data Management

Quick and easy maintenance of product and material master data

Put a stop to the chaotic maintenance of material masters once and for all!

A complete and error-free maintenance of material masters is crucial for the execution of every business process in SAP systems. In practice, however, maintaining this data object, with its 20-plus views and more than 600 data fields, presents major challenges to businesses.

Before: complicated, non-intuitive, time-consuming maintenance

  • As a rule, only 10 to 15 % of the available data fields are needed. Users have to painstakingly identify these fields in multiple views.
  • The difference between data in different organizational units (e.g. plants) is usually marginal.
  • Creating a copy and adapting it is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • When you create data objects for the first time, you enter data that will be hard to correct at a later time (e.g. material type).
  • Material masters with related content (such as all the materials that make up a BOM) cannot be maintained in a shared process.
  • A material master application process cannot be displayed without the creation of a physical material master.

4PEP Master Data Management provides an easier solution

  • Excel-like cockpits enable simple and intuitive maintenance of material masters.
  • You only provide your users with the data fields they actually need to maintain.
  • Simple template handling makes maintenance much easier, both when copying template materials and when adding organizational units to views.
  • A set of materials with related content can be managed simultaneously through a single maintenance process.
  • An creation of requested materials, BOMs and routings (and other objects) on the “playground“ is possible in order to ensure maximum flexibility and quality until the final creation.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Who is not familiar with problems caused by nontransparent maintenance processes? Material masters can also lack transparency, because managing the maintenance process across multiple departments is not possible in the standard SAP system.

  • no active maintenance instructions possible
  • no automated deadline monitoring
  • the actual maintenance status is difficult to assess

In day-to-day operations, master data maintenance often causes a bottleneck. Operational processes (purchasing, order processing, stock posting, etc.) cannot be carried out, because the material masters are not fully or correctly maintained, or are not maintained at all. This, in turn, leads to more and more conflicts between departments and decreases the employees’ acceptance of the SAP systems.

4PEP brings transparency to your maintenance processes!

An ad hoc workflow informs all relevant users and monitors the degree of processing. The maintenance and material status is visible at all times, supported by graphics. This way, you can prevent process standstills and conflicts from the start.

With its proven track record, 4PEP Master Data Management is the ideal tool for the efficient and reliable maintenance of your material master data. Our wizard technology enables quick and easy implementation of your project, while low-cost maintenance agreements provide certainty for project planning and costing.

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Customer Quotes

“Thanks to 4PEP Master Data Management, we can efficiently manage our international material master maintenance processes and ensure high-quality master data.”

Thomas Tetzlaff
Head of product data and standardization

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